The soundtrack to your event

Nothing makes an event resonate like spectacular live music performed by truly gifted musicians. Zanadu has built an impressive reputation for its coveted inventory of the very best performers in the entire South Florida region. Our musician selection spans the gamut from soloists and DJs to large ensembles, with performers in nearly every conceivable musical style and genre ready to match the needs of any event.

Interactive Entertainment

The most indelible experiences

The most unforgettable events are those that make your guests feel as though they are part of something incredibly special. It could be cultural entertainment, like Bollywood dancers or Junkanoo bands, or it could be magic acts, celebrity impersonators, or “cirque”-style performances. Or it could be something truly epic like a private performance by some of the biggest names in showbiz. They start as events and end as unforgettable memories.

Production & Management

Making it all come together

Truly spectacular events don’t just happen. They are carefully planned and crafted to provide a fluid guest experience that flows seamlessly throughout the entire event. Zanadu is the only agency that provides on-site production and logistics for every event. Our longstanding relationships with the region’s top sound and lighting engineers ensure that every bit of “wow factor” is flawlessly presented as a truly spectacular spectacle, every time.

Event Development

Bound to your success

Clients have found that Zanadu events manage to go deeper, striking emotional chords with hosts and guests alike. For us, it’s second nature. Our events resonate because we become your partners, fully vested in creating the most amazing, unforgettable and imaginative events possible. We completely engage your vision, adding deft touches of décor & ambiance, inspired catering and venue selection, along with the relentless planning and production needed to carry it off and make indelible memories.

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