Event Development

The consummate large-scale affair, weddings have become their very own category of event, serviced by an industry that specializes in delivering consistent, if homogenous results.

At Zanadu, we prefer to think of them as what they truly are: special events. We believe that weddings should be every bit as unique and original as the once-in-a-lifetime events they are meant to be. As individual as the lucky couple themselves, and as unforgettable as the love they share.

Fortunately, putting the “special” in events is kind of our specialty, and nobody does it better.

That’s because we take your vision, your ideas, your hopes and dreams and desires and we run with them. We translate what you want into a unique and unforgettable experience, drawing our inspiration for décor, venue and catering from the vestiges of your deepest wishes. We infuse our expertise, our penchant for extrapolating the true, vivid potential of your vision in carrying it through to an incredible climactic ultimate realization, leaving no avenues unexplored, no stones unturned, no detail unfulfilled.

After all, your event is only as special as the care put into it.

We’re ready to make your day.

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